This month, Hoops is going to focus on the positives — and we’re excited to see so much good happening here! We are proud to see many of our athletes step up as leaders on their teams, in their homes and neighborhoods and even in virtual school settings!

So many of our players are achieving some of the biggest goals in life, like confidence, discipline and other leadership qualities. These young leaders are learning the value of hard work, accountability and being part of a team. All of these characteristics are enhanced by participating in team sports.

One of the most valuable skill learned through team sports is communication. Playing sports helps kids develop the ability to work with others productively by using techniques that will also apply in real-life situations.

Athletes learn to communicate through both verbal communication and nonverbal cues. Finding ways to communicate successfully in situations help leaders succeed in so many areas of life, just as it does in sports. Furthermore, children develop their capacity for leadership by learning how to listen and understand others.

Great leaders not only come up with the best ideas and can present them to a team, but they are also active listeners for those who have strong contributions.