We may not be able to control a lot of things happening right now, but we can have an impact and control the one thing that matters — ourselves! We’re needed to be the best version of ourselves, especially now. So, what are some things you can do to be a better teammate and leader? We’re glad you asked….

What the world needs now is good leaders!
Give it your all!
Good leaders and good teammates are those who are willing to work hard for the team. The good leaders are those who are doing the best they can. Good leaders and teammates have an attitude that is about the better for the team instead of the individual. They are willing to make sacrifices if it means that it will move the team forward.

Be a cheerleader!
A good leader or teammate gives words of encouragement and keeps the team positive. The great thing about encouragement is that it helps the players to play even better. Even the weakest member on the team might surprise you after a few words of encouragement.

Be in it together!
When one person on the team is doing good, everyone is doing good. When a teammate is down, it is important for the leader to bring that player up. A good leader or teammate will not have an endless amount of pride for what they have done but for what the team has done.

It is important to understand this early on and not get too down on yourself when mistakes are made. Instead of criticizing yourself or a teammate when someone makes a mistake, simply make sure that the lesson from that mistake was learned. Looking at what everyone did right and what everyone did wrong at the end of a game helps to make it less personal.

Stand up for the team!
Any personal insult against a team member should be taken as an insult against the whole team. Sticking up for that team member not only shows that you have the initiative of a leader but it also shows courage and that you are a good teammate.