Hi Coach,

Tanner has really enjoyed your training over the past few months — thank you!

Coach Ken,

Liam’s skills have greatly increased, thanks to your clinic. Thank you so much!

You have made a difference in (our daughter’s life) in just a short time – it’s unbelievable. Her heart is set on going to Virginia Tech, but knowing her, she will go wherever she can play and earn a degree in her subject area of choice. Thanks for everything and we will keep the videos coming!

I was expecting a grumpy exhausted teen, but she was super stoked when she got home and said it was the best thing everrrrr! She will be back tonight!

Alexis started training with us a year ago with no fundamentals, her goal was to develop some skills so she could make the freshman team and play in high school.   She made the freshman team!

Hey Coach,

I just wanted to let you I’m off to a great start with all A’s, and I was the first student athlete to receive an A on my first essay for the school year. I also just got an A on my first exam of the year!

I cannot thank you enough for being one of the people that made a difference in Chris’ life.  I appreciate all you did for Chris.  He pushed through college because he had the work ethic to never give up despite tough times.  Please know you made a difference in my son’s life.


Hey Coach, thank you for pushing me this summer. I had a workout today with the high school basketball team. I felt really good and had a lot of success today. Your workouts got me prepared and made today feel easy! Thanks, see you tomorrow!

This is DB, if you don’t remember I broke my ankle this past summer during camp. I was in the cast for six weeks and started strengthening it as soon as I got it off. It took me a while  to get back into shape but I had been doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I had my freshman basketball tryouts this week and I made the first cut. Unfortunately, I did not make the team as of tonight but I just wanted to thank you for being a great teacher and I appreciate what you did for me.

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