Participating in team sports has a lot of value for our young athletes. Besides the obvious, there are “hidden” attributes which come out when our children shine on teams.

One of those qualities is decision-making skills. While it’s true that our kids make decisions every day of their lives, decisions in a team setting are a little different. This requires a little more thought and action, and is a great warm up for later in life.¬†Competent leaders assess situations and playing sports presents many opportunities for kids to recognize when to behave decisively. Through observation and quick interpretation, kids who play sports learn how to make decisions.

The most effective leaders are the ones who display decisive behavior. Often, athletes only have a few seconds to decide if they should make a move or not. Pass the ball or make the shot? In just a matter of seconds, young athletes must judge the pros and cons of a situation and act accordingly.

Just another way that team sports helps mold our little leaders!