At Hoops The Right Way Basketball Academy and Training the primary focus is to ensure that all students master fundamental skills that allow them to get the most out their basketball game. Pictures below are all students of the Academy!

Focus on Free Throws – Many games are lost due to the improper free throw shooting form exhibited by players. So, we pride ourselves on teaching proper free throw shooting techniques from start to finish. Our Motto is – Since the Shot is “Free” Why Not Make It?  This is one of the first fundamentals learned at the Academy.

Focus on Ball Handling – We teach dribbling and ball-handling techniques such as the 3 basic dribbles, which leads to more advanced dribbling skills.  We feel this is the most important skill to master and our student’s confidence dramatically increases as a result of learning this technique.

Focus on Passing/Receiving– Knowing how and what type of pass to make greatly reduces steals and turnovers, so, we instruct the correct way to pass and receive the ball given various game-like scenarios. Some of the passes covered are the flick, bounce, hook, chest, etc.

Focus on Footwork– We feel that good footwork is a key component to becoming a successful “consistent” shooter.  Fundamentals are taught that greatly enhance footwork.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch students master this skill because the end result is usually a made basket!!

Focus on Shooting Techniques – Form shooting techniques such” BEEF “are taught through a series of drills and steps. This fundamental almost guarantees a higher shooting success rate. This skill can sometimes be the most challenging to master because of pre-existing “bad habits”.

Much, Much, More – Once the basic fundamentals are mastered, students are introduced to more advanced training techniques that are made up of Coach K’s real-life game experiences.


Coach Ken enjoying cookies at the end of another sucessful camp!

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