Training Together

Look who’s out on the court, having fun, being safe and learning some strong basketball skills!

Join us for training for all levels at Hoops! We’ve got training packages that can work with every schedule and budget. And all of this is designed to teach and reinforce foundational basketball skills to make you a better player. Check us out!

Off-the-court Training

Not all training happens on the court. It shouldn’t surprise us at all that some of the greatest basketball players have remained students of the game. They’re always looking for any edge that might give them an advantage over their competition.

Kobe Bryant was notorious for watching hours of film on a regular basis throughout his NBA career. His grandfather would regularly send him videotapes of NBA legends in their prime. He would watch and them model his game after Hall of Famers like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, among others. LeBron James has often stated that on his days off he watches every NBA game, paying close attention to every detail.

While watching films of others can really help your own game, there are some things to be aware of:

* Do not fall into the trap of strictly watching film of individual players.

* Be sure to also watch film of the best teams to ever do it as well.

Films of solid teamwork show how the individual players are selfless and tenacious, sacrificing for each other and sharing the basketball.

We can all learn a ton from watching championship-level basketball and especially those greats who learned the true value of teamwork!

Hoops Spotlight – Adam Thomas

Our big Hoops shout out this month goes to Adam Thomas, a Hoops alumnus who will be attending Winston Salem Christian School to further extend his basketball career.

Adam has always worked diligently and is currently getting ready for this upcoming season. Due to a toe injury before the beginning of last season, he was unable to play up to his full potential until late in the season. Adam has been training with us since age 8. He also played our developmental teams and was always one of our leaders. He was known to knock down the game winning shot in close games and even at the buzzer! Adam is a fundamentally sound player and great shooter. He played for two seasons at Paul VI before transferring to Dominion High School.

We are so excited for Adam’s future. Keep up the great work, Adam!