Did you know August is Children’s Eye Health month?

Consider this your timely reminder to make sure your child’s eye sight and overall eye health is in tip top shape and ready for the classroom and athletics.

Good vision and eye protection go a long way to success in school. Not only that but protecting those blue, brown, green and hazel eyes on and off the court should be a priority. During Children’s eye health and safety month, be sure to schedule a routine eye exam. Make sure your child is fitted with the correct prescription glasses or lenses, as well as any necessary protective eye wear for sports.

It’s important to make sure students wear the required protective gear for their classes and also any athletic activities. Schools provide all the proper gear in chemistry, automotive and other courses, and educators are trained to show students how to use them. Encourage your students to follow the teacher’s instructions for their own safety, as well as using necessary eye wear for after school athletic practices.

Schedule an eye exam for your student and have a talk about eye safety.