Most kids want to play on a sports team at some point in their lives — and as parents, we want that for them. There are lots of advantages being a part of a team and it’s a good reminder when we get a little weary from all the back and forth drives to practices and games!

Think Achievements

Playing on a sports team is all about goals and wanting to achieve the best; whether that’s winning games, becoming the MVP, having the most assists, or just being proud of your team. When a kid sets their own goals and is motivated towards achieving his or her goals and feeling the immense satisfaction of having worked hard to achieve them, that is itself a win.


Being on a team means working together for a common goal. Team players can quickly learn that when one is not putting in as much effort as others, the momentum and success rapidly fades. Putting in the work ahead of time, no matter what the outcome is, will result in being proud of what was done.


Playing in a league or tournament is a challenge, especially with other talented and hard-working students. Losing is hard too and can be discouraging. However, knowing that life is hard and you can’t always win, will keep them motivated. Losing a game doesn’t mean you quit and give up working hard.


With dedication and a lot of inner motivation, kids who want to succeed learn how to persevere. Becoming a great basketball player takes hard work, time, sweat, and effort. Most people have heard the saying, “nothing worth doing comes easy.” The same is true with any team sport. Through intense workouts, challenging drills, possible injuries, basketball players learn how to work hard and persevere in order to achieve a final goal. The best players won’t let losing a game or missing a shot stop them from shooting for their dreams.