2020 has definitely been a year for the books, hasn’t it? A lot of things haven’t gone as we’d hoped or planned. Instead of practices, games, events and get-togethers, we’ve had months of adjustments, changes, cancellations and downright loss. These changes have been tough — sometimes really tough. But Christmas is coming and this time of year things just seem to sparkle a little more. No matter what the past few months have been like, Christmas brings a different view to life and with that comes a gleam of hope.

So, what’s your Christmas wish this year? It may seem silly to even think this way, especially with all that 2020 has flung at us. But over the past few months, many things have come into perspective…. and it makes my Christmas wish even more clear. This year, my Christmas wish is to be thankful for the recent, beautiful time with my family and friends, and being able to be available for folks in my community.

Our hope for all of you is that you embrace this strange season with the hope and wonder that Christmas always brings. Allow the joy of the season to cover all of the loss over the past few months and look to where the hope takes you next. Reach out, be there for your family, friends and neighbors. We all need that.