The sun is out and its finally time to get outside with the kids!

After a long winter we are ready to open up the doors and get outside! What can be more fun than a family game of basketball? Here are a couple of ideas to make some family basketball memories with your kids.
The game of H-O-R-S-E is an old time favorite that anyone of any skill level can play. You will need two or more players, a hoop and a ball. The first player chooses a spot on the court and takes a shot. If the shot is made, the next player must repeat the exact same shot. If the shot is made, the process is repeated. However, if the second player does not match the first player’s shot, then they receive a letter – in this case, an “H.” If the first player misses their shot, then the second player takes the lead shot, and if it is made, the first player must match player two’s shot. And so on. This is repeated until one player misses five shots and receives all five letters that spell out the word H-O-R-S-E! This is a great game to test your outside shot, or even simple layups. It’s also fun to try the wackiest of shots to see if you can put ‘em away early. Try a “behind-the back” lay-up, a shot from behind the backboard or a shot from way out beyond the driveway.

Lightning is a game that tests your ability to shoot a free-throw while under pressure. This game is best with three or more players, and is truly more fun with a large group. It requires two basketballs. The set-up is easy: create a free-throw line at any distance you like. Line everyone up single-file just behind the line and give the first two people in line each a basketball. The first person in line takes a shot. As soon as that person releases their shot, the next person in line can take their shot. The object of the game is for the person taking the second shot to make the basket before the person in front of them. If the first person taking the shot makes their shot, they pass the ball back to the next person in line, move to the very back of the line and the game continues. If the first person misses their shot, they must rebound the shot and make a basket before they can pass it to the next player. However, if the person immediately behind them makes the shot before the first player can make a shot, the first player is out of the game. This pattern follows until all but one player is eliminated. The last player standing is the winner. Lightning is fast-paced, highly excitable and the more players you have, the more fun the game. You can also add more basketballs to increase the craziness.

Twenty One
Twenty one is a simple variation of a game of one-on-one, with the winner being the first player to reach 21 points. It can be played with two or more players, with each player keeping their own score. The game starts with one player starting out with the ball at the designated “three-point line.” This line is pre-determined and is based on how much room you have around your hoop. The game begins when the first player dribbles out and tries to score. The other players try to stop the first player from scoring. No player has any teammates. The player with the ball may take any shot at any time and if the shot is missed, may go for the rebound and shoot again. If the shot is missed and the defensive player rebounds the ball, the ball must be “cleared” by dribbling beyond the “three-point line” before taking a shot. If the offensive player makes the shot, the defensive player takes the ball beyond the “three-point line” and dribbles out and tries to score. This is repeated until one player reaches 21 points.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun together!