Thank you for all your help. It has really made a difference.

Coach Ken and his staff are amazing!!!  This is Jackson’s second year and he absolutely loves this camp. He has been taught skills and gotten one on one attention when needed.  I can’t say enough good things about Hoops!!  If your child likes basketball you should definitely enroll them in this camp next year!
Thanks, Coach Ken for all your hard work!!


I wanted to say thanks too for the patience and guidance you have provided JS since he first started.  His self-confidence has really improved and his making of the Freshman team at Heritage has enhanced his love of the game.  He told me his experience with you and Hoops was the significant factor in him reaching his goal.



Hi Ken,

Zach is really enjoying your workouts. We think it’s helped him out a lot…. he had 17 points this past Saturday (one being a quarter ending buzzer beater from half court) and a handful of assists and steals. Thanks for making it fun for him!

S and G

Coach Ken,

I made the freshman team. I could not have done it without all your help. Thank you for everything.  When basketball is over I would like to get back with you to continue working on my basketball skills.

CK and MS made it too.


Coach Ken,

She made the BRHS JV squad!  Her success is largely due to all of your extra time and effort in making her a Triple Threat on and off the court.


M wants to fully commit to your program and play for you as his coach since he truly believes that you’ll push his development and get him to play at his fully potential. We fully trust your teaching and vision after witnessing your coaching in action on Saturday. He’s eager to learn from a committed teacher of the game such as yourself. Thanks!


On Dec 11, you told us to remember our conversation with you…that mid season, J would be playing with more confidence and starting games.  Just thought you should know…you were right!  J’s playing time has increased, he is playing with confidence and has started 4 of the last 5 games.


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