Good morning Coach,

I wanted to let you know that Angela made her high school’s freshman basketball team. She is really excited. Thanks for all the great training and preparation. She plans to return to your training program after the season ends. Thanks again!

Thanks to your guidance I made the team! All thanks to you.

Couldn’t have done it without your hard work in training me and making me who I am today.


Hey coach, I made the jv team! I wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for me to help get to where I am  today. I truly believe that Hoops is the reason that I made this team and I cant wait to train even more over the next 2 years!


Hey Coach – just wanted to let you know Ben had a really good time today. It’s been awhile since he’s actually started enjoying basketball again – he’s been playing for others the last few years and it’s just been getting worse for him. Hoops is very different from what’s he’s experienced and now he’s enjoying playing basketball again!

Coach Ken and Coach Mike,

Thank you for teaching Marty great basketball skills and giving him confidence! We have noticed a change in him when he plays.

Dylan said he did really well at basketball evaluations today. He was super excited about how he played in the three versus three and made several three-pointers. He also said he made more left-handed layup‘s than right handed ones. Thanks for all of your help you are giving him. Hope the game went well today and sorry that he missed it.

This is long overdue.

Thank you, Coach Ken, for giving my son his confidence back… Appreciate how the kids enjoy working with the two of you.

Always encouraging and uplifting. 

Coach Ken and his staff are amazing!!!

This is Jackson’s second year and he absolutely loves this camp. He has been taught skills and gotten one on one attention when needed.  I can’t say enough good things about Hoops!!  If your child likes basketball you should definitely enroll them in this camp next year!

Thanks, Coach Ken for all your hard work!!

Thank you for a great practice coach. Alexis had a great time. She said she learned a lot already and is excited to go back. She said the other girls were better but she wanted to get to that level. Thank you very much for a great session.

Thank you, Rob

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