Coach Ken has chosen Sean Apecechea for this month’s player spotlight!

Sean has been a dedicated HTRW player who comes in each and every day ready to work. His game speaks for itself and we are delighted to see him grow as a player and as a young man!

HTRW: Give a brief description of yourself (Age, grade, school, hobbies)

Sean: I am 17 years old and I’m a junior at Briar Woods High School. I love to play basketball and watch sports.

HTRW: Where are you going to college if applicable (What are you studying, do you plan to continue to play, etc.)

Sean: Right now, I am a bit unsure where I want to go to college. However, I do have an interest in business. If I were to pick a major today, it would probably be business law.

HTRW: What are your basketball accomplishments to date, and your favorite aspects of basketball? (Any links to articles about yoSean 2u would be great)

Sean: I’ve been playing with HTRW for almost 2 years which has given me a lot of opportunities to improve. I am playing on the JV team for my high school and coaching my younger brother’s 6th-grade team this year. My favorite aspect of basketball is that everybody on the court is constantly contributing to each play.

HTRW: What are your academic accomplishments to date, and your favorite thing about school?

Sean: My greatest academic accomplishment is getting accepted into the National Honors Society. I was excited about the opportunity because I knew it was due to the years of hard work I have put in. It’s a really good feeling when those efforts are recognized. Also, my favorite thing about school is I get to learn something new every day.

HTRW: What drives you on a personal level and basketball level?

Sean: My drive comes from my desire to get better each day at whatever I do. I don’t want to slack off and waste a day when I could be progressing towards a goal. It has been a real motivating factor for me over the years.

HTRW: What are your basketball goals and non-basketball related goals?

Sean: My basketball goal is to play varsity next year. Working with Coach Ken and HTRW has been a huge help in my development, along with playing for the JV team this year. My non-basketball related goal is to get accepted to the college of my choosing.

HTRW: What is an interesting fact about yourself that most people would not know?

Sean: An interesting fact about me is that most people don’t know that I was born in California.

HTRW: What is your funniest Coach Ken moment?

Sean: The funniest moment I have ever had with coach Ken was when he explained to me why he doesn’t like being called Isaiah Thomas. He’s a great coach and always makes sessions extremely fun!

HTRW: Sean, it’s been a pleasure getting to know a little more about you and we are more than thrilled to have you and watch you develop. We cannot wait to see where your future leads and are happy to be a part of it! Thanks for taking the time out to let us feature you!