It’s great to hear so many encouraging stories of professional athletes and celebrities using their powers for good during this time. A couple of weeks ago a few NBA players who have recovered from COVID-19 stepped up and became role models for a new national healthcare initiative to treat patients who are still sick with an experimental therapy.

Four professional basketball players from different teams in the NBA have volunteered to donate blood plasma and cooperate with the National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project (known as “CCPP19”). The treatment involves drawing blood plasma out of an individual who has built up an immunity to the virus as a result of their recovery. The plasma—which is full of healthy antibodies that have grown to fight the virus—is then injected into a sick patient so the antibodies can theoretically attack the virus for its new host. The NBA has also gotten in on the project by donating $100,000 to CCPP19. 

We applaud these guys for jumping in and being a role model for other recovering COVID-19 patients. We appreciate all you are doing to help out others during this time!