Keeping your kid hooked on sports!

We all know the benefits of having our children participate in youth sports. It teaches them important skills like working together on a team, builds self confidence, develops leadership skills, and helps them build healthy friendships. As our children get into middle and high school, it’s even more important for them to have these things, however, this is also when a lot of other things can begin to take priority in their lives. So how DO you keep your kid interested in sports?

One key way is to lead by example!

Remember kids are sponges who absorb their understanding of life by watching their parents. This can be both a blessing and a curse — who hasn’t heard the “do as I say, not as I do” line before? If you drive like a maniac or leave the kitchen messy, chances are high that you’ll find your child emulating the behavior later on.

Similarly, if your child sees you lazing on the couch watching TV all day (or staring at your laptop!), then they won’t believe exercise is truly an important part of life. Start proving the value of sports by participating in them yourself.

There are so many ways to demonstrate this relationship with sports, and most of them will benefit you as much as your child. Join an after-work kickball team. Go for runs. Join the local gym. Maybe even pull out the old tennis racket or ice skates. Sports like soccer, ultimate frisbee, basketball, baseball, softball offer pick-up games for those who want some casual sports involvement.