This month our Hoops spotlight shines brightly on Laura Williams!
Laura is currently a freshman at St. Paul VI Catholic High School and plays on the varsity girls basketball team.

Check out some of Laura’s story:  “When I first heard of the girls’ basketball program at Paul VI, I never thought I would be a part of it. First, I went to their open gyms. Normally, I would be very nervous, but not with this team. After the first night, I felt comfortable and right where I was supposed to be. On the day before try-outs, I never thought I would be asked to play varsity as a freshman at such an advanced school. After that moment I felt like I made it, but knew I still had so long to go. When I made the team I was so ecstatic, and even more so when I found out that we were going to have a season. Being a freshman I didn’t expect to play that much, or even at all, in the first game being that my team was already so good. When my coach called my name to go in my first high school game I felt everything in slow motion. Nothing else mattered to me in that moment. Later in the season, the games got tougher and we played some outstanding teams and won. I can safely say that I truly did enjoy my basketball season ending undefeated. Overall, I know that this was just the beginning and I have so much more to learn from PVI and I’m excited to do it.”

We’re excited for Laura and look forward to watching her grow!