Tyler Hayworth gets our Hoops spotlight for September! 

Tyler is currently a freshman studying Physic at Virginia Tech. From Middle School all the way to High School, he’s always had this drive for basketball. He started later than most of his basketball friends but after 2 years of intense training, practice, and the drive to be the best, he earned respect and started playing at very competitive levels. Anyone watching Tyler play on the court can see the passion and love he has for the sport as well as the attitude to never give up. This attitude has sent him to the emergency room a few times, not to mention the many bruises, cuts, scraps after each game.

Tyler’s best decision was to join Hoops during his most critical years in high school. Not only did his basketball IQ and skills increase, but he also learned the most important things in life from Coach Ken and Coach Mike, integrity & respect. Basketball is just part of Tyler’s short journey through life but the life skills he learned from Coach Ken and Coach Mike will help him throughout his life. These were the best years of his life thus far.

Way to go, Tyler – we can’t wait to see what’s next!