This week is especially important to be more aware of what we are thankful for — and we know it may be difficult to do that this year. But the good news is that the holidays are a time when gratitude is front and center – and gratitude has been shown to help kids (as well as adults) be resilient through tough times, from experiencing more positive emotions to sleeping better. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to start practicing!

A great way to be more grateful this season is to find a way to give back. There are so many ways to reach out to others right now and be the help they need. Talk to your child about the causes that matter to them, and the people or things in the community that they’d like to help. Reach out to organizations to see how you can give back, whether that’s making a donation or volunteering in a way that’s safe during COVID-19.

Yes, this pandemic holiday season will have its challenges. But with some practice, your family can still put the “thanks” in Thanksgiving – and maybe even create a gratitude habit that will help your child grow up seeing the bright side of life.