Encouraging your kids in sports is key!

Are you one of those “new year, new you” kind of people? Each new year brings us opportunities to start fresh, do something different, change a behavior (or two). We’ve got the best Hoops parents out there — but it’s always good to check our priorities, especially when it comes to our children in sports. Use this list from I Love to Watch You Play as simple ways to be supportive and encouraging our children in sports.
1. I WILL KEEP QUIET AFTER GAMES. Unless I’m asked my opinions about how they played or observations about the game, I will keep to myself.
2. I WILL NOT CARE MORE ABOUT MY KIDS’ SUCCESS IN THEIR SPORT THAN THEY DO. They will drive their own bus – however much they want to push, I will help them achieve their goals. But the motivating force will be them, not me.

3.  I WILL BE LESS CRITICAL and uptight while watching them play and try to emit only positive energy during games.

4. I WILL NOT OVER-ANALYZE THEIR COACHES. They will have great, good, and bad coaches throughout their sporting careers. I will not make it my job to fix this when it’s not ideal.

5. OUR FAMILY WILL PLAY TOGETHER MORE AND FIND UNIQUE WAYS TO WORK OUT TOGETHER. We will do more fun outdoor activities like hiking and running and playing sports together, just for fun.

6. I WILL BE A BETTER ROLE MODEL by eating healthier, working out more, and getting off my devices more often – instead of just demanding they do.

7. I WILL MAKE INJURY PREVENTION A PRIORITY. With so many practices and games, we spend too much time on performance and not enough time on making sure their growing bodies are taken care of properly. Each of my kids has a program for stretching and building strength in weak and overused areas, but we can never find the time to do the regimens. I will work this into their schedules.

8. I WILL ALLOW THEM THE FREEDOM TO FAIL. Instead of always trying to be one step ahead of their next misstep, I will sit back more and allow them to experience natural consequences, both positive and negative, of their choices.

9I WILL FIND MORE TIME OR MAKE THE TIME FOR MORE IMPORTANT  PURSUITS like spiritual, altruistic, and fun. Sports has swallowed up the time we used to make for volunteering, religious endeavors, and simply finding hobbies our kids enjoy.

10. I WILL BE HAPPY AND EXCITED regardless of the level they play at or the amount of playing time they get.

You are your child’s biggest cheerleader!